Sell Online

With The Good Store you can easily create your online store to sell physical and digital products and services.

With your own Online Store

Sell your Products and Services Online

With Good Store you will be able to sell your services simply and quickly. With total flexibility, choose how you prefer to welcome new customers through the platform.

Do you want to have the price of your services pre-defined or be asked for quotes? The choice is yours. Regardless of the option, The Good Store is the ideal tool for you. It makes scheduling services easier, allowing customers to book appointments with you and make convenient payments online.

Collect essential information to present tailor made quotes for each service. You can also offer the option to schedule meetings to get to know your customers better.

Define your business processes and enjoy the ease and time savings provided by Good Store. Start your journey towards success with our efficient and intuitive platform!

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Provide a personalized service

Manage relationships with your customers

Do you know who are the customers who purchase the most services? What date is your birthday? And what about the company? With The Good Store you don't need to know all this by heart.

We created an integrated CRM where you will have all the information centralized. You will be able to have a history of interactions with your customers and offer an even better service!

Discover the advantage of offering a highly personalized relationship to your customers, establishing more meaningful and lasting connections.

With The Good Store CRM you will maximize the potential of your business and achieve success in a more efficient way.

Screenshot of a project management app dashboard

Case Study

Discover how we helped Baterias da Cidade to expand their business to the online.

"For The Good Store customer needs are never an obstacle; on the contrary!
They are attentive to improvements so that the client's investment is not in vain, bringing the best possible results."

Gonçalo Tomás - Baterias da Cidade

The Good Ecommerce Dictionary

Are you new to the world of ecommerce and struggling to understand the terminology? The Good Ecommerce Dictionary is here to help!

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