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Ecommerce for growing businesses

The Good Store is an ecommerce platform designed specifically for growing retail and wholesale companies, offering the perfect tailor-made online sales channel equipped with the most advanced tools to deliver a truly exceptional customer experience to your clients.

Experience the power of personalized ecommerce and take your business to the next level


Stats that matter

Make informed business decisions with access to essential and up-to-date statistics.

Flawless Omnichannel

Sync online and offline sales for a seamless experience. Let customers buy, exchange, and return from any channel.

Automated Invoicing

Auto-bill your online store. The Good Store syncs with invoicing software to issue and email invoices to customers.

Tech Help at Hand

Dedicated tech support for The Good Store. Click-away assistance is available for peace of mind.

Flexible Integrations

We are committed to creating integrations with the additional services your business needs


Here are some of our most asked questions. If yours is not there, feel free to contact us.


How can I use The Good Store for my business?

The first step to having your online store with The Good Store is to book a meeting with our team. There you will get to know the possibilities of this solution, and we will get to know the needs of your business to present the best proposal.


Do I have to be a designer or programmer to start using The Good Store?

All you need to worry about is your business!
You don't need to be a designer or programmer to use The Good Store. Our team will carry out all technical work with a view to the best market practices and the success of the Client's business.


What specific technology does The Good Store utilize?

The Good Store was developed using Atelier de Software's own technology. Which means that our team can easily adapt it to respond to the most difficult challenges of your business.


Do you create my online store by utilizing plugins or through custom development when you say it will be tailored to my business?

If you create your online store with The Good Store, any additional features that are not included in the standard version will be custom-developed by the same team responsible for maintaining the product. This guarantees that everything aligns with your online store's requirements and functions perfectly.


What advantages does The Good Store offer over Shopify as a platform for my online store?

With The Good Store, you can integrate your online store with the software you already use (as long as it provides an API for this purpose). In comparison, if you use Shopify, you will need a larger initial investment to achieve a similar level of integration. By creating your online store with The Good Store, you'll get a better cost/benefit ratio for your investment. We have extensive experience developing customized solutions for businesses, and we can incorporate integrated features into your online store to help your business grow using the best processes and tools.

Our vision is to create a world where online shopping is as easy and frictionless as the offline experience

Case Study

Discover how we helped Baterias da Cidade to expand their business to the online.

"For The Good Store customer needs are never an obstacle; on the contrary!
They are attentive to improvements so that the client's investment is not in vain, bringing the best possible results."

Gonçalo Tomás - Baterias da Cidade

Take your business to the next level and easily reach a wider audience

About Us

Atelier de Software, the creator of The Good Store, is a team with over seven years of experience in creating top-notch software solutions for companies.

We are the specialists you can trust to bring your online store to life and help optimize the operations of your growing business.

Experience the best in both technical know-how and customer-focused strategy with Atelier de Software.

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Fullstack Developer

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Fullstack Developer

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The Good Ecommerce Dictionary

Are you new to the world of ecommerce and struggling to understand the terminology? The Good Ecommerce Dictionary is here to help!

A/B Testing

Bounce Rate


Buyer Persona


Checkout Process

Comparison Shopping Engines


Customer Journey

Delivery Integration


Discount Code

Headless Commerce




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